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Screw Head Die - Screw Head Die Manufacturers (Carbide Steel Heading Dies)

Screw Heading Die - Carbide Steel Heading Dies

Screw Head Die - Cold Heading Dies (Carbide Steel Heading Dies)

We are suppliers of all types of Carbide Steel Heading Dies. These dies are used for Cold forging and Hot forging. The material used in dies is Hot Die Steel (HDS) of grade H11 and H13 for outer casing and the insert is of Tungsten Carbide. Depending on the application, different grades of Tungsten Carbide are used such as GT55, GT40, GT30, GT20, G50, G40, G30, G20 etc. consisting of 25% or 20% or 15% or 12% Cobalt. The carbide inserts are Cold Pressed or Shrink Fitted or taper fitted again depending on application or customer requirement. The Carbide Heading Dies are with plain hole, Pointing, extrusion, trap extrusion, Hexagonal, Hex extrusion, flat extrusion, trilobular for different fasteners, screws and bolts. Fasteners can be of mild steel, stainless steel, high tensile fasteners of alloy steels. The carbide dies can be used for full thread, half thread bolts/screws. They can be socket head, hex head, counter sunk head, carriage bolt, roof bolt, coach screws, trilobular screws or other special screws / bolts.

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Cold Heading Dies

Cold Heading Dies

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Screws Header Dies Punch